Photographic Services

Newmans Cameras offers a wide range of photographic services, including:

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are stretched, wrapped and ready to hang.

All our canvas prints are sealed to protect against sunlight, dust and minor blemishes.

Your children's art can also be transformed into their own work of art with our canvas prints.

16" x 20" @ €100.00     |     20" x 24" @ €120.00     |     36" x 20" @ €130.00

Digital Photo Printing

We can print from all current digital media.

Large Print Formats

We can print large images from 12"x18" (approx A3) right up to 24"x36" (approx A1) - get more from your photos, or combine them into one large poster!

Passport Photos

Do you need passport photos ? Call in and we'll do them for you!

35mm & APS Photo Printing

If you haven't yet switched to a digital camera, or if you have recently found an old film that you had forgotten about, we can print from your 35mm & APS films.

Photo Restoration

We can restore your old photos to pristine condition, with faded colours renewed, scratches and tears removed and the photos reprinted using modern photographic techniques.

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